Matte 8.3mm

Ecoplank Laminate is a quality timber look product, combined with a durable and beautiful finish.

Kid Proof, pet friendly and stilletto strong, Ecoplank Laminate gives you a stylish and stress free home.

In fact its so hard wearing it is perfect for commercial applications.
Ecoplank uses an  instant flooring system developed in Europe and now used throughout the world.

The result is a stunning affordable, easy to lay , low maintenance product with strength and durability.

Ecoplank offers quality and performance at an affordable price. Allergy free Ecoplank is ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Nothing is more important than protecting our environment. Therefore, we have to carefully manage our resources.

Ecoplank is manufactured from renewable natural materials at a minimum cost to the environment. Tropical unsustainable woods, plasticizers and chlorine are never used in Ecoplank laminated flooring ¬†– So ecoplank is protecting the planet for future generations. We know it’s the ideal floor for the 21st Century living.

Our Laminate range of Matte 8.3mm is avaliable in the following colours and strip sizes.

Cherry  3strip, Colonial Maple 2strip, Beech 3 strip, Ghost Gum 2 strip, Apple Tree 2strip, Jarrah 2 strip, Red Walnut 3 strip, Ironbark 1 strip, Tasmanian Oak 1 strip.

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